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Eure Meinung ist uns wichtig! Hier könnt ihr uns Euer Feedback zum Radio oder auch alles rund um KRW schicken ...

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12.10.2017 21:54 coma
Hey Frans van Eijk, sure we can tell you exactly whats running at this time. 2017-10-05 22:00:23 Space Debris - Into the Sun 2017-10-05 22:18:29 Edgar Broughton Band - Love in the Rain Hope that will help you. Best Regard coma

08.10.2017 22:17 KateB
Hi Frans, Nobody can say that anymore, sorry.

06.10.2017 22:26 Frans van Eijk
HI, I was listening to KRW via and heard good music. Unfortunatedly the tunein-broadcast did not show the name of artist/band and titles so I dont know what i heard. Is it possible for you to see back which musicgroup is was at friday oktober 5th between 22.00 and 22.20 hour?It was a rather long piece with violin in it. Thanks ! Frans van Eijk

13.09.2017 04:41 KateB
Erste! Mein Lieblingsradio. Klasse Musik, Klasse Leute!

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